Recorded on May 30, 2017
The SSS Crew are back with another ‘What’s the Happs’ episode. Just like our last recording, we caught up and covered a few things like Gwent, The Room, Persona 5 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. We’ve included a small segment called “Over the Horizon”. This is where we outline some of the things that we are looking forward to the near future.

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Here’s this episode’s ‘Check This Out:





SSS episode 29 – The Happs 2

SSS episode 28 – The Happs

Super delayed, Super on time! Recorded a month ago but arriving on time to your earwaves~! No real topics to go through this episode but just the happs between now and our last recording. This was a planned short episode but stretched out to the usual 3 hour one. Download

This week’s Check this Out were:
Nier Automata
Ironfist the Netflix series
The Last Wish
– Morning Musume ’14 wake up prank in Shinshun Gouka Dokkiri Matsuri Special

Intro/Outro: “My Love” (instrumental ver.) by Buono!

SSS episode 27 – how? HOW?

Nearing the end of the year, half of the SSS Crew discusses the highs and lows of all media that was released in 2016. We went through our weeks as usual, highlighting GeN’s incredibly long ‘What’s the happs?’. Join us as we bid farewell to ’16 and welcome ’17 with a long list things to “get hype”.

“My Love” (instrumental) by Buono!

“Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke” by Morning Musume.

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SSS26 – Weeb out the Weak

The long awaited finale of the “How Hard is your Weeb” game that was cut short last time because of how immensely long and tense it was is back this month.

The outcome of the last episode had Arcus in the lead by a land slide and on track for the easy victory
Find out the games incredible conclusion in this episode here (mediafire)

And for all the stuff that was cut out and possibly not GeNs safe at all, the fluff track can be found here (mediafire)

Outro Song:

“Forces” by Hirasawa Susumu

SSS25 – A Certain Scientific Whalegun

It’s GeN’s turn to host the next “name that anime” game. This time around, it’s themed on anime opening sequences! In this first half of intros, ranging from 1979-2010, does the contestants have the database(wow wow) to recognize these songs? Who comes out on top? Who has the ‘Hardest Weeb’? Listen to this episode to find out~!

Episode Download (mediafire)

The ‘answer sheet’ for the ‘How Hard is Your Weeb?’ (mediafire)

“Active Heart” by Noriko Sakai
“Hoshi Yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru” by Hiroko Moriguchi


SSS episode 24 – Salty GeN

Spring Season of anime is already at its’ halfway point and the SSS Crew share their salty views on some of the shows. More concentration of sodium is present during the latest guessing game hosted by Morgan with the topic, “hareem”.

Episode link (mediafire)

Fluff track (mediafire)

Video version of the game (mediafire)

[Trash Candy] by Granrodeo

[FeelXAlive] by Sayaka Sasaki

[Happy Materia]l by Yuri Shiratori, Madoka Kimura, Ayana Sasagawa, Natsuko Kuwatani, Kotomi Yamakawa and Azumi Yamamoto

[Coolest] by Customi-Z