SSS26 – Weeb out the Weak

The long awaited finale of the “How Hard is your Weeb” game that was cut short last time because of how immensely long and tense it was is back this month.

The outcome of the last episode had Arcus in the lead by a land slide and on track for the easy victory
Find out the games incredible conclusion in this episode here (mediafire)

And for all the stuff that was cut out and possibly not GeNs safe at all, the fluff track can be found here (mediafire)

Outro Song:

“Forces” by Hirasawa Susumu


SSS episode 24 – Salty GeN

Spring Season of anime is already at its’ halfway point and the SSS Crew share their salty views on some of the shows. More concentration of sodium is present during the latest guessing game hosted by Morgan with the topic, “hareem”.

Episode link (mediafire)

Fluff track (mediafire)

Video version of the game (mediafire)

[Trash Candy] by Granrodeo

[FeelXAlive] by Sayaka Sasaki

[Happy Materia]l by Yuri Shiratori, Madoka Kimura, Ayana Sasagawa, Natsuko Kuwatani, Kotomi Yamakawa and Azumi Yamamoto

[Coolest] by Customi-Z


SSS episode 23 – Deep into the Rabbit

Recorded on April 3rd, 2016
Boy, what an episode! The entire gang is here again to bring you more audio shenanigans! In this episode, we say our final thoughts for the passing of the Winter Season of Anime, 2016. Go through our favorites and also the ones we dropped. After that, it is Josh’s turn to host the next guessing game as the rest of us scream and fail miserably on some of the easier questions.

Episode download (mediafire)

FLUFF track (mediafire)

Featured songs:
‘Jumpin’ Dancin” by Prizmmy
‘Watashi ga Iru yo’ by Tomato Cube
‘Abandoned Highway (Mega Man Remix)’ by LEAF XCEED Music Division
‘Wiping All Out’ by Lotus Juice
‘Fear is the Mindkiller’ by Adam Freeland